6 educational platforms

University to Inaugurates Educational 6 Platforms

  Source: King Khalid University Media Center Under patronage of his Excellency King Khalid university President Prof Falleh bin Rajallah Al Solami, the university finalized the preparations to inaugurate 6 digital  platforms,  in a ceremony that will be held on Thursday, September 9, at the University Theater in Greger, in the presence of a number of experts and specialist. The Vice Rector for Business and Knowledge Economy, Prof. Dr. Abdullatif bin Ibrahim Al-Hadithi, explained that digital transformation is one of the main pillars to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as King Khalid University is keen to improve the quality of education and to cope with  the latest developments in the digital world .He added  through the inauguration  of 6  educational platforms, we seek to provide learners with the information skills necessary to equip them with  self-learning mechanisms, develop creative thinking and make the learner more in control of the educational process and time management.

King Khalid University President Inaugurates 6 Platforms

  Source: King Khalid University Media Center King Khalid University President , Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Al-Sulami, sponsored the inauguration ceremony of 6 electronic educational platforms, in the presence of a number of representatives of  entities in Asir region, in addition to  university employees and students in the university theater in the university city in Abha. The 6  electronic platforms, are a result of the  university's efforts and keenness to develop the  educational process  and improve the quality of teaching and learning by coping with the  latest developments in self based education. His Excellency the President of the University commended the  attention and care devoted by out wise leadership to education in the corona pandemic time, which enabled the filed of education to succeed and for students to return  to schools and university campus safely. His Excellency,  praised the progress and leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of education and e-learning, stressing that the launch of these platforms serves  university students and  members of  our society in a variety of areas of learning. He  also added ,  that the most prominent feature of these platforms is that  they were built by a team of students,  faculty members and employees. On the future of these  platforms, the Vice president of  Business and Knowledge Economy, Prof. Dr. Abdullatif bin Ibrahim Al-Hadithi, explained that the  university is  determined  to transform these platforms into specialized technology companies, believing in  the importance of coping with the latest educational developments  and to improve  education  outcomes that meet the  new university system. He  also added that these platforms are national projects that contribute to achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030, in addition to achieving the university's vision to be among the top 200 universities in the world. Supervisor of the Design and Digital Platforms Unit, Dean of E-Learning, Dr. Nayef Jabali, said  that the Design and Digital Platforms Unit works in the areas of design innovation and the production of digital platforms that contribute to the growth of  knowledge economy and that is  through  focusing  on reinventing services and products. The inauguration included the following platforms: - kkux platform and application for future skills. - Fikra platform for creative development ideas. - Maher platform for training and knowledge enrichment.    -Jazel platform that allows graduate students the opportunity to communicate with experts in the fields of arbitration, statistics, translation and proofreading. - Qimma interactive platform for managing conferences and forums. -  A+ platform the first platform to provide students with references and questions banks.   It is worth noting ,that the  University agency  for Business and Knowledge Economy has taken, during its short life, many great steps in its field of specialization, achieving  knowledge economy and performing its mission of contributing to building a business and knowledge community at King Khalid University.