Dates and Procedures of Admission and Registration in the Academic Year 1438/39 AH


Admission Conditions:

  • The applicant must be a Saudi.
  • The applicant must have a National Identity (NI).
  • The applicant must not have been dismissed academically or disciplinarily from King Khalid University or any other Saudi university.
  • The secondary school cumulative grade point average of the applicant who wishes to apply for health colleges must be at least 90%. He/she also must be a graduate of the same year.
  • The applicant must not exceed more than five years from the day of his/her secondary school graduation.

Registration Time:

The applicant can apply for admission starting from 10/10/1438 AH up to 10/11/1438 AH.

Registration and Admission Procedures:

  • Go to registration and admission website (click here).
  • Confirm the national identity number. 
  • Fill the information as clarified in the website.
  • Register the mobile number carefully because it will be the means of communication with you.
  • Select the specializations orderly and respectively according to your priorities.
  • The applicant's certificate data and tests of the national center for assessment (Qiyas) will be taken from the concerned bodies directly. 

Dates of Nomination:

  • The First Batch including students with 80% to 100% percentage will be on 15/11/1438 AH.
  • The Second Batch including students with 75% to 100% average will be on 18/11/1438 AH.
  • The Third Batch will be on 22/11/1438 AH according to the available seats.

Note that:

  • Selections of specializations will appear according to the applicant's average. The nomination will depend on the applicants' averages and available seats.
  • The applicants should view and respond to the request with either approval or refusal within 48 hours from the nomination dates.
  • After approving the nominated request (specialization), the student will receive a message including the academic number within 48 hours.  
  • In case the applicant refuses the nominated specialization, his/her right of it will no longer apply. Then, he/she will select between applying to the next level or withdrawing from the admission. 

The nomination is according to the eligible degree percentage and measured degree percentage, and they are counted as follows:

  Eligible Degree percentage: 30% Cumulative average, 30% Aptitude test, and 40% Scholastic achievement admission test.

  Measured degree percentage: 50% Cumulative average, 50% Aptitude test (for theoretical specializations).

In case the student does not go the website and neither approves or refuses the nominated specialization, his/her admission application will be withdrawn.


Dates and Procedures of Admission and Registration in the Academic Year 1438/39 AH

Dates of admission and registration for the academic year 1438-1439


Admission requirements

       Must be a Saudi national or a Saudi mother.

       Obtain national identity (for students / students).

       The student should not be dismissed academically or disciplinally from the university or any other Saudi university.

       To accept health colleges, the cumulative average of the general secondary school should not be less than 90% and graduates of the current year.

       Not to exceed five years from the date of receipt of the high school certificate.

.Start acceptance

 From 10 - 10-1438H to 10-11-1438H.

Acceptance mechanism

Login to the Deanship of Admission and Registration (click here).

 Check the identity number (civil register).

Enter data as required and described in the site.

Ensure the validity of the mobile number where communication with the student / student on his way.

Entering the disciplines is arranged according to the priority of your desires. You have to note that you will only be shown the desires that are compatible with your ratio.

The data of the secondary certificate and the tests of the National Center for Measurement will be withdrawn from the concerned authorities.

Nomination dates

       The first installment is 80% -100% on 15-11-1438H

       The second installment was 75% -100% on 18-11-1438H

       The third payment according to availability of seats on 22-11-1438 AH\

Dear Advanced

      When you choose, you will hide the desires that you can not accept for your low score

       The nomination will be according to the ratios and seats available

      The student must enter the application form within 48 hours of the nomination dates for the specialization and can approve or reject it.

      After the student's approval of the candidate's specialization, a letter will be sent to him within 48 hours.

      When the specialization is rejected, the student's right to specialization falls and he can choose between entering the next stage or withdrawing from admission.

 Nominations are in accordance with the eligible and weighted ratios:

        - Eligible: 30% GPA for GPA + 30% Capacity test + 40% GPA.

        - Weighted: 50% Cumulative GPA + 50% Capacity Test (only for students' theoretical majors).

       If you do not access your site and choose to accept or decline, your application for admission will be permanently canceled from the university

Dates of admission and registration for the academic year 1438-1439