Registration in university transportation is open for female students at Tuhama Headquarter


The Administration of Movement and Transportation is announcing the start of registration in university transportation for Tuhama female students for the academic year 1443 AH.

This comes within the keen interest of the University Technical Affairs in Tuhama, represented by the Administration of Movement and Transportation to improve the transportation services in the university.

To register, (click here).

Extension of Postgraduate Admission


In view of the large number of requests received by the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies to extend the admission period and the desire of many students who graduated from this semester to apply for graduate studies programs. His Excellency King Khalid University President issued a decision to extend the admission period for who wants to apply so the Postgraduate Studies Deanship is delighted to extend the admission period for two programs (master and doctoral degrees) until Saturday 25/5/1442  

 (click here)

Admission to Non-fee Post Graduate Programs


University admission portal, will be open for post graduate  admission for both Masters and PhD programs for the academic year 1443AH, starting at eight o'clock tomorrow morning, Sunday 21/4/1442 AH, and  will continue to Saturday 11/5/1442 AH Time (11.59 pm), on the  ( following link )

Applicant are to  review the available programs  and their conditions, previously announced, on the link (click here).All admission requirements must be met for each program during the application period, except for letters of PhD sabbatical leave, or the employer approval for masters applicants.

The Post graduate  Deanship,  stressed   that  applicant are  fully responsible for the credibility of  their  admission documents and contact information , adding that the deanship has the right to cancel the applicant’s application or withdraw his acceptance if the entered data or documents are proven to be incorrect.

Note : candidates will be contacted in the need of requirement qualification test.

Its worth noting that, second stage  admission for fee-paid study programs  will be announced  after the completion of the first phase admission.

For further information contact us on the following :

- Male Admission : WhatsUp /  click here   0172419240

- Female Admission : WhatsUp/ click here  0172414883

- Email : dgs@kku.edu.sa

Admission to 1443Ah Postgraduate Programs


The  Deanship of Admission and Registration at king Khalid university , announces the opening of admission to the 1443 Academic year postgraduate programs for both the Masters and PhD levels. The Admission will be available on the University portal “ click here” starting on Sunday the 21/4/1442 Ah  and will continue to  the evening of Saturday the 11/5/1442Ah according to the following conditions :

GAT and English tests new requirements for postgraduate programs


The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies announces new requirements in most of its Programs (high Diploma, MA and PhD). It requires achieving the score specified by each department in GAT as one of the basic admission requirements. It also required achieving the score specified by each Department in English teats in the following collages: Medicine, Applied Medical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Sciences, Languages ​​and Translation, Business, and the College of Education PhD Programs. It stressed that English language test results by private or non-accredited institutes will not accepted. The Deanship urges those interested in admitting to its programs to take the required teats so they can apply immediately upon announcing them. The GAT test results would not be accepted after five years of taking the exam, and English test results (TOFEL and IELTS) would not be accepted after two years of taking them. As for Proficiency test results they would not be accepted after three years of taking the exam. 

Wishing you all, all the best.

The complete quality in university education

Coinciding with the International Day of Quality, the Academic Development and Quality Unit, in cooperation with the College's Community Service Unit, announces a training course entitled: The complete quality in university education, presented by Dr. Mai El Desouki; the adviser at the Deanship of Development and Quality at King Khalid University and the professor at the department of Public Health, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Khamis Mushait.
Date: Wednesday 3/25/1442 corresponding to 11/11/2020 at 7 pm
Via Zoom platform through the link:
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Meeting ID: 821 9903 4133

Teaching with wisdom


The Development and Quality Unit in cooperation with the College Community Service Unit announces the establishment of a training program entitled Teaching with wisdom, presented by: Dr. Salha Ahmed Asiri; the Assistant Professor of Learning Psychology at the College of Education Program Goals:

• Learn the concept of wisdom scientifically and philosophically
• Learn the most important theories explaining wisdom
• Learn about methods of measuring wisdom
• Applying the development of wisdom methods in teaching

Target group: faculty members

On: Tuesday 3/3/1442 AH Corresponding to 10/20/2020 at 7:00pm Via Zoom platform.