King Khalid University Excellence Awards Application


King Khalid University, represented by the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality, is announcing the start of nominations for the 6th King Khalid University Excellence Awards in various fields. The application starts on 15/4/1441 AH. Please note that you can view the nomination conditions and download application forms from the King Khalid University Excellence Awards website.

To visit the website, please click here. 




Employment Competition for University Students


The Deanship of Student Affairs announces the launch of an employment competition for university students to work in graphic design, video edit and design, photography, and videography. Applications will begin on Tuesday 11/01/1441 AH and end on Sunday 16/1/1441 AH.

To know more about the competition, please click here.

Payment of Tuition Fees for Graduate Studies


The Graduate Studies Deanship announced that it will start receiving tuition fees for the first semester in the 1440-41 AH academic year from MA students who are registered in the programs below. The payment of the tuition fees will begin on Monday 18/12/1440 AH and end on Thursday 28/12/1440 AH.

1st Semester Tuition Fees

Executive Business Administration

17,500 SAR


Academic Business Administration

18,750 SAR

3 Professional Accounting

18,000 SAR



20,000 SAR


Vocational Educational Technologies

15,000 SAR











Account Name

حساب برامج الدراسات العليا المدفوعة

Account No.







For more information, please click here.

For inquiries, please call:

017-241-8335 (men);

017-241-4957 (women).

Registration and Handling Dates for the Fall 1440-41 AH Semester



The Deanship of Admissions and Registration is pleased to announce the registration and handling process for the 1st semester of the 1440-41 academic year. All activities and enquiries will be conducted through Academia and the Tawasul service in accord with the following dates:


Summer Training Programs for the employees of education


King Khalid University, represented by the College of Education, announces the opening of registration for summer training programs for the employees of public education.
The training came within the partnership with the National Center for Vocational Education Development. 

The program offers ten training courses during the period from 04/11/1440 AH to 29/11/1440 AH. 

The training location for men will be in the College of Education, Guraiger Campus while the training location for women will be at the College of Education for Girls, King Abdullah Road Campus.

From such training courses, the University aims to keep up with the developments in the educational and scientific process by providing a stimulating and supportive environment that helps the trainees to acquire the knowledge and skills and meet their training needs and enable them to improve the quality of education.

You can register and view the program details by (clicking here).

Names of the Candidates Admitted into Fee-based Graduate Studies Programs


The Deanship of Graduate Studies at KKU is pleased to announce the names of successful applicants for fee-based (Ph.D. in History and other Graduate Studies Programs) for the academic year 1440-1441 AH. 

Admitted candidates are advised to comply with the instructions as follows:

  1. Successful candidates should visit the Graduate Studies Deanship at the main campus (Guraiger) in the Main Services Hall of Building D from Tuesday 22/10/1440 AH to Thursday 24/10/1440 AH to complete the procedures of admission. Hours of operation are from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm each day;
  2. Admitted female students should visit the Vice Presidency of Graduate Studies at the Lasan Campus Admission Hall from Tuesday 22/10/1440 AH to Thursday 24/10/1440 AH to complete the procedures of admission. Hours of operation are from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm each day;
  3. The University reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission to candidates who fail to comply with requirements within the stipulated timeframe above. Seats will be offered from the reserve list pursuant to all applicable rules and regulations.

Admitted candidates are advised to bring original versions the following:

  • Graduation Certificate;
  • Academic Record;
  • Scientific Recommendations;
  • PID or Family ID;
  • Educational Diploma for those admitted to postgraduate educational programs unless they did their undergrad in educational specializations;
  • TOEFL iBT or its equivalent (if mandated by the college).
  • Statement for the Published Research 

Please note that the deadline to bring the work approval will be 29/11/1440 AH.

Please note that the deadline to pay the study-fee will be 01/11/1440 AH.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to the Admissions Department at dgs@kku.edu.sa.

To review the results of admission for all programs, please click here.


Best wishes to all!

Registration dates for Workshops of Community Service Deanship


The Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship is announcing the start of registration for a number of workshops that will be held during the month of Shawal for female students. Some of them are free of charge and the others are at a nominal fee. To know more about the workshops, you can contact:

Tel. No. 017 241 5263

Mobile. No. 0508897255.

These workshops include:

  • Using the Computer in the Office Works.
  • Adaptive Behavior for People with Special Needs.
  • Ethical and Systemic Practices in the Work Environment.
  • Development of Management and Entrepreneurship Skills
  • English Language Proficiency course for Kids between 9-12 years old.
  • Making a Marketing Plan.
  • Modern Secretary and Management Skills.