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Promotion Report for Contract Employees


The Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs has announced the names of contract employees who are expecting promotion and the result of nomination will be based on the differentiation between them. This report was issued on 30/08/1440 AH. 

Due to the start of preparation for this promotion period, we enclose herewith the names of male and female candidates. Candidates must bring the following documents with direct supervision by the employee's office manager:

  • A copy of the ID card or family card.
  • A copy of the driving license if there is.
  • A copy of the last academic qualification obtained by the candidate.

All applications should be sent to the General Administration of Human Resource Operations in one file attached with all requests by each department.

The deadline for receiving applications will be on 10/10/ 1440 AH. The department will not consider any request after this date.

To view the names of the candidates, (click here).

                                                                                    We wish success for all


Admission Dates for Bachelor and Diploma


The Deanship of Admission and Registration at King Khalid University is announcing that all applications for bachelor and diploma programs will be received through 'Academia' e-portal starting from 15/10/1440 AH to 30/10/1440 H. The sorting and nomination process will be conducted in two main stages:

The first will be on 05/11/1440 AH and it will be for the bachelor programs. And the second will be on 09/11/1440 AH and it will be for the remaining seats of bachelor degree and diploma degree. 

Moreover, the Deanship also announces the beginning of the admission for the fee- based applied diplomas which will be on 13/11/1440 AH.

It is important to know the admission processes will be  fully electronic and there will be no need to come to the deanship or to send any documents to the university. In case of any inquiry, you can contact the deanship through 'Tawasul Service' on the admission e-portal which enables the applicant to send his/her inquiry and receive the respond in a fast and direct way.

In this regard, the Deanship is inviting all those wishing to apply for King Khalid University to speed up the procedures of tests that are important for admission process, so that the Deanship can bring the test marks electrically.  Furthermore, no grade will be considered after the date of 30/10/1440 AH and the marks of each stage and specialization will be announced on this date. The rest of the vacant seats will be offered to all applicants on 12/11/1440 AH through the 'Immediate Admission Service' and 'Change of Admission Service', which enable the applicants who have been not accepted in the previous two stages or who wish to change their specialization to complete that electrically, according to the admission percentages and available seats.

Names of the Candidates Admitted Into Graduate Studies Programs


The Graduate Studies Deanship at King Khalid University (KKU) is pleased to announce the names of successful candidates to Ph.D. and Master programs for the 1441 AH academic year.

Admitted candidates are advised to comply with the instructions as follows:

  • Successful candidates should visit the Graduate Studies Deanship at the main campus (Guraiger) in the Main Services Hall of Building D from Tuesday 11/07/1440 AH to Thursday 13/08/1440 AH to complete the procedures of admission. Hours of operation are from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm each day;
  • Admitted female students should visit the Vice Presidency of Graduate Studies at the Lasan Campus Admission Hall from Tuesday 11/07/1440 AH to Thursday 13/08/1440 AH to complete the procedures of admission. Hours of operation are from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm each day;
  • The University reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission to candidates who fail to comply with requirements within the stipulated timeframe above. Seats will be offered from the reserve list pursuant to all applicable rules and regulations.

Admitted candidates are advised to bring original versions the following:

  • Graduation Certificate;
  • Academic Record;
  • Scientific Recommendations;
  • PID or Family ID;
  • Educational Diploma for those admitted to postgraduate educational programs unless they did their undergrad in educational specializations;
  • Professional Diploma in special education specializations;
  • TOEFL iBT or its equivalent for doctorate programs (if mandated by the college).

Please note that the deadline to bring the work approval will be 01/11/1440 AH.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to the Admissions Department at

To review the results of admission for all programs, please click here.

Best wishes to all

King Khalid University President's Award for Digital Transformation


The General Administration of Information Technology, represented by the Digital Transformation and Institutional Structure Unit, is pleased to announce the start of applications to the King Khalid University President's Award for Digital Transformation in Digital Knowledge.

Application Rules:

  • Complete the personal information carefully;
  • Fill the application form by completing the required criteria;
  • Attach the certificates and files of proof in the form;
  • Attach only relevant data on digital knowledge.


The application deadline is Sunday, 2 Shaaban 1440 AH (7 April 2019).


To complete the application form, (click here).

For inquiries, please contact


Invitation to the Inauguration of Charitable Funds to Support Scholarship Student Programs


Under the patronage of Asir Governor, His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the General Administration of Scholarship Students is pleased to invite you to attend the Inauguration of the Charitable Fund to Support Scholarship Student Programs. This event will take place at Abha Palace Hotel. Taking into consideration that the invitation is public, we are pleased to inform you that activities will commence on Monday, 08/08/1440 AH (April 8th, 2019).


International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education 2019 in Riyadh


Under the Patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Ministry of Education is organizing its 8th International Exhibition and Conference for Higher Education (IECHE) from April 10, 2019, until April 13, 2019.

The conference is considered a scientific and global movement that is one of the utmost influential international conferences and exhibitions. The conference and exhibition will be privileged with the presence of 25 speakers and decision makers who will participate in 5 interactive sessions to discuss future transformations in universities. Over 64 international professors from 33 countries, 360 international and local universities will attend, and 69 workshops will be held.

Please visit the International Exhibition and Conference for Higher Education's website for more information.


IECHE 2019 Conference Program

IECHE 2019 Workshop Program