Deanship of Graduate Studies

Payment of Tuition Fees for Graduate Studies


The Graduate Studies Deanship announced that it will start receiving tuition fees for the first semester in the 1440-41 AH academic year from MA students who are registered in the programs below. The payment of the tuition fees will begin on Monday 18/12/1440 AH and end on Thursday 28/12/1440 AH.

1st Semester Tuition Fees

Executive Business Administration

17,500 SAR


Academic Business Administration

18,750 SAR

3 Professional Accounting

18,000 SAR



20,000 SAR


Vocational Educational Technologies

15,000 SAR











Account Name

حساب برامج الدراسات العليا المدفوعة

Account No.







For more information, please click here.

For inquiries, please call:

017-241-8335 (men);

017-241-4957 (women).

Student Scientific Forum for Graduate Studies


The Deanship of Graduate Studies is pleased to invite all graduate and postgraduate students to participate in the Graduate Studies Scientific Forum which will be held in Jumādā Al-Awwal. Participants are instructed to please note the following:

  • Participating with a research poster (150 words) Arabic or English, (The abstract must be attached in word file).
  • Participating in the scientific symposium entitled 'Graduate Studies and the Kingdom Vision 2030', (The student CV, title, angle and summary of participation must be attached in one file).
  • Participating in a training workshop (The student CV and the proposed workshop information and topics must be attached in one file).

The deadline for submission is 20/05/1440 AH.

Important Conditions for Graduate Studies


The Deanship of Graduate Studies announces that most of the master and doctorate programs in the university are requiring the general abilities test passing for university graduates as a main requirement of basic admission. The Deanship invites male and female students wishing to apply for these programs to pass the test and make the use of the computerized test  to be eligible to apply during the upcoming weeks, The Deanship announces that those who are wishing to apply for graduate programs are required to pass the English language test in a number of graduate programs , it is also required to attach published research or publishing acceptance letter for the graduates of courses programs when applying for admission for the doctoral program system so that, it is a prerequisite for registration not a completion term for the procedures of admission.