Community service

Community service plan for the academic year 1437-1438 AH

Dr. Siraa Abdullah Abu Malha and the College's Faculty of Academic and Educational Affairs Dr. Sultana Al Shahrani are keen to achieve the objectives that the university aims to achieve, including enhancing effective partnerships with the community. A number of community service programs have been implemented in the Kingdom. These programs contribute to improving the cultural, cognitive and social level of groups and individuals, and to provide developmental and scientific contributions that serve the region's issues.

Registration dates for Workshops of Community Service Deanship


The Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship is announcing the start of registration for a number of workshops that will be held during the month of Shawal for female students. Some of them are free of charge and the others are at a nominal fee. To know more about the workshops, you can contact:

Tel. No. 017 241 5263

Mobile. No. 0508897255.

These workshops include:

  • Using the Computer in the Office Works.
  • Adaptive Behavior for People with Special Needs.
  • Ethical and Systemic Practices in the Work Environment.
  • Development of Management and Entrepreneurship Skills
  • English Language Proficiency course for Kids between 9-12 years old.
  • Making a Marketing Plan.
  • Modern Secretary and Management Skills.


Language Safety and writing Official Communication letters


Within the framework of the community service programs at the College of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushait for the second semester, the unit announces a workshop entitled "Language Safety and writing Official Communication letters", which will be provided by the certified trainer Dr. Mawahib Ibrahim, a aculty member of the Department of Arabic Language, on Sunday 1440/6 / 12 H

  Training Room (A)

  9am - 12pm