Clubs Tasks | Musk Club

Club Nur religious:

Religious club is interested in building a balanced profile of the students in the light of the tolerant Islamic faith and the promotion of Islamic values ​​and morals and the dissemination of the Sunnah

Cultural Club fingerprints:

Club art technical aims to provide appropriate training and the completion of some business computing student environment during the presence of the students and university students to develop technical skills and utilization of community service.

Club visions of cultural pen:

Cultural Club aims to develop students' talents and hair care talents \ diction \ Writing

Club "healthy" Fulfillment:

Health Club Awareness means to publish and raise the level of awareness of the health community and create a suitable atmosphere for teaching healthy environment.

Social Club Whispers:

Social Club aims to discover students' talents and develop their capacity to innovation and development as the strengthening of spiritual values ​​and deepening the sense of national belonging and the development of positive social behavior

Club girlfriends environment:

Environmental club aims to promote environmental awareness and to work for a sustainable environment.

Club genus  "English":

Club linguist cares with the help of the students of the English language proficiency in the best possible way and creates the right atmosphere for the students to learn English as a second language and means of overcoming the difficulties and fears of learning English also aims to develop the talents and creativity of students in the field of English language.

Giving Club volunteer:

A branch of the Central club volunteer, aims to provide volunteer services at the university level and at the college level also aims to expand the horizons of the students in what volunteer work and work to improve the idea of ​​through them and achieve the role of the university in the development and support of the community