Vision, Mission, Goals, Values of the Student Activity Unit | Musk Club


Leadership in providing distinctive student activities and diverse inspirational programs of creativity that promote high quality values.



Providing distinguished student services, programs and qualitative activities to prepare distinguished student cadres and empower them intellectually, ethically and skillfully to contribute to the development of their country according to the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.


 Developing the skills and abilities of students to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

 Establishing distinguished services and activities according to high quality standards.

 Contribute in building the personality of a balanced and integrated university student.

 utilizing the free time of students through the establishment of beneficial programs.

 Caring for, supporting, and integrating talented students and get them involved in the community.

 Promote the culture of giving and volunteering to serve the community.

 Prepare distinguished student leaders, who are capable of taking responsibility in all fields.

 Raise the level of awareness of students about the rights and duties of students to achieve a harmonious academic community.


 Patriotism                                                      Commitment to quality

 Responsibility.                                               Communicate and accept the other

 Innovation                                                     creativity

 Originality                                                     Cooperat