Vision, Mission, Goals of the Scientific Research Unit



Excellence at the local, regional and global level.



Create an outstanding academic learning environment in the field of scientific research to produce scientific cadres in the community on the transfer of knowledge and investment and integrate them with their future careers to serve their community.


Been setting goals and scientific research unit at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Khamis Mushayt, according to the quality standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and ensure objectives include:

 The establishment of a positive research environment supportive enhance the quality of research output for each of the faculty members and the student body.

 Provide all the capabilities of faculty members and students together to produce scientific research compatible with the ethics of scientific research are to be published in scientific journals and periodicals.

 Encourage faculty and students to benefit from the funding provided by the university to support the projects.

 Members  faculty support and researchers and students the rules and regulations of the scientific research body.

 Encourage faculty and students to participate in the completion of research projects related to community problems.

 Linking policy research vision, mission and goals of the university.