Organizational Structure and Tasks of the Develoment and Training Unit

 Identify specialized training requirements for employees of the college faculty and staff members and students.

 ِِAn action plan for training programs according to the needs of the employees of the college.

 Coordination between courses and workshops provided by the university and the needs of faculty members and female body.

 Prepare the configuration of the developments of the faculty members work programs and workshops for modern teaching strategies and coordination with the unit e-learning training Blackboard system.

 Workshops and seminars and training sessions on job search skills (writing a CV, personal interview, fill in the employment form, and other skills) cooperation and networking with public and private institutions for lecturing scientific and professional seminars concerning graduates.

 Coordination with the Computer Science program of the college to the work of technology for students and faculty members and administrators sessions with regard to the educational process and supported.

 Coordination with the English language program for the work of the English Language courses for students and graduates and college administrators.

 Encourage employees to participate college to attend courses and training programs and workshops.

 Follow the development of the overall performance of affiliates after training programs.

 The work of an annual report on college training courses and workshops for professional development for employees.