Healthy Unit achievements


The clinic team is keen to provide the best health care according to the vision, mission, goals and values ​​set by the college.

  • The clinic team distributed questionnaires to monitor the conditions for the students to work on the database on the Girl in academic program.
  •  The clinic team with the participation of students in the work of scientific research.
  • The clinic team trained some of the students on the blood pressure measurement and calculation of body mass.
  • The clinic team with the participation of a high quality in the activity of community service for the college.
  • It has been involved in health activities and community service in college.
  • The clinic team to provide primary health care, prevention and treatment.
  • The clinic team on first aid within the college, such as ambulance cases of wounds and burns and cases of fainting, colic, asthma and other cases.
  • The clinic team works follow chronic conditions such as diabetes - pressure - heart disease, asthma, and that those who were registered at the clinic portrays him as an individual as cases chronic.
  • He is also the clinic team to provide service individual and group health education for female students attending.
  • It has been reluctant to work statistics on the clinic weekly, monthly and by recording the names of the clients at the clinic in the private records to go back to it if necessary.
  • The duty cycle of the primary care for a group of college students from different departments.
  • It was the work of a campaign to see the blood groups of college students.