Organizational Structure and Tasks of The Academic Advising and Guidance Unit




 Students developments definition system and the system of study courses and academic regulations explain the movements of interest to the student and also the proportion of attendance and deprivation. And how to GPA and cumulative average for the student's account.

 Build and strengthen a good relationship based on mutual respect with the students.

 Emphasis on the importance of the presence of students and Anillathn during the study period.

 The announcement of the office hours of the Guide and to clarify the importance of communicating with students.

 The answer to a query students and welcome them and equip revealed to follow the progress of student academic and meet the academic needs of the postponement - an apology or withdrawal of where he is worksheets jurisdiction for the purpose of requesting the postponement - an apology or withdrawal and the Academy guiding sign a form for the student before heading out to college is registered as activated the university system.

 Student News of the need to keep a copy of the notices quarterly results and keep a copy of all academic movements carried out by the student.

 Ershad students academically arrears and meeting with them to discuss the reasons for underachievement.

 Coordination with the unit guidance social and guidance with regard to college students who suffer from educational problems.

 Attention to female students in gifted and seek honored to participate with the guidance office.

 Communication and coordination with the registration desk to help college student at an academic movements.

 It is the work of a questionnaire for the students at the end of the school year for the performance of the guiding academic affiliates and determine Dorhave solve their problems and to provide assistance to them positively or negatively