Vision,Mission, Goals of The Academic Advising and Guidance Unit


The unit is looking for achieving excellence in guiding, counseling and providing academic support to students.​



The unit looks for meeting the students' academic, social, psychological, health, and economic needs and then finding the possible professional scientific ways to deal with them.


The unit aims at preparing the student academically in accordance with Islamic teachings, investigating the negative aspects of the academic environment, and then dealing with them. These goals include :

 To prepare the newly enrolled students for the academic life by introducing them to the rules and regulations of KKU and to the unit of advising, counseling and academic supports. It also aims at surrounding the student with the appropriate psychological and social factors to help her improve her academic grades and level as much as possible. It also communicates with students to determine their health, psychological and social problems and help her to solve them.

 To provide students with all forms of educational and psychological care so that they can maintain their excellent level by arranging periodical sessions with them to encourage the spirit of excellence among them and offer them excellence awards.

 To make a list of the students who are academically failed and then give copies of this list to their academic advisors to investigate the reasons behind that and then provide them with proper educational and psychological advice to help them overcome such problems. They can refer to the social as well as the academic advisors. They can get some individual counseling sessions to investigate the factors affecting their academic level and make plans to solve the problems.  

 To arrange individual counseling sessions held by the academic advisor to resolve some various academic problems facing the students. The students might get some advice regarding registering, deleting or adding courses as well as postponing or withdrawing the semesters. It also observes the results of the students and investigates the reasons behind having bad results. It also communicates with absent students and discusses the reasons behind that in order to avoid being deprived from the courses.   

 To communicate with the students and encourage having a strong relationship between the academic advisors and the students. It also aims at determining immoral behavior and then holds individual sessions to discuss such problems of behavior. It also aims at raising the students' awareness of the role of the academic counseling and the system of the college regarding the courses, GPAs, moving to another college by providing them with some leaflets about the rules of the college, registration, admission and the academic calendar.

 To have periodical meetings with the faculty members and academic advisors to discuss the most important issues, psychological and academic problems. For example,  they discuss the problems of not attending the lectures and having a very low GPA. It encourages the faculty members to improve the educational process methodologies used in the classroom.