Organizational Structure and Tasks of The E-Learning Unit



 Preparation, implementation and follow-up of e-learning in college activate the plan.

 Coordination between the management of e-learning dean ship and sections regarding the identification of training needs college members  and the establishment of the training courses.

 Study the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the college performance of the units, and expectations of the unit and their suggestions for improving its performance.

 Develop coordination and the establishment of joint ventures between the units and the deanship mechanisms.

 Provide technical support to the members of the college and its students.

 Work on the treatment of the obstacles facing the workflow, in coordination with the competent deanship, inside and outside the college.

 Data and information necessary for the work and achievements of the collection units, and covered prepared questionnaires and opinion polls and report forms, and application and analysis of results.

 Preparation of quarterly and annual reports and any other reports on the achievements of the units and their work, and submit it to the Deanship of e-learning and the Vice- Dean for Development and academic quality.

 Lifting statements faculty members of the university to take the necessary transactions and monitor the performance of the members.

 Supervision of public relations, and communication with the society with regard to the most important work and achievements of the units.

 Recommendation application software and hardware, equipment and maintenance commensurate with the needs of the units.

 Propose lectures, seminars and workshops to serve the objectives of the units in the college community and beyond.

 Provide guides and brochures and booklets private e-learning and techniques of the units in order to spread the culture of e-learning in the college community.

 Implement the request from the Academic Development and Quality.

 Holding training courses for students to deal with e-learning management systems.

 Spread the culture of e-learning and programs between faculty and students at the college members Technology.

 Workshops for faculty members and students for e-learning and its importance and its role in the educational process and how to apply it and the skills required to engage in this system.