Vision,Mission,Goals of E-Learning unit

       Improving the educational system and the level of services, through the use of modern technologies in the field of e-learning, according to the

       local standards of quality and accreditation, and that up to distinguish between peers at local universities.

   The deployment of e-learning and its applications and improve the efficiency of all educational levels of the organization to get to a distinct

    educational content.

  1. The deployment of e-learning in the educational process and stimulate a culture in line with the quality standards.
  2. Improve e-learning environment at the college.
  3. Academics and students develop skills in the field of e-learning.
  4. Upgrading traditional educational process quality through the provision of means of education depends on the employment of e-learning techniques.
  5. Benefit from the faculty, and the exploitation of their time in the serious and outstanding participation in the unity of e-learning.
  6. Holding meetings, intensive courses and organize workshops that contribute to e-learning for all employees of the enterprise development.
  7. The development of positive attitudes towards information technology through the use of information network by the teacher and the learner.