Student Council Goals and requirements


  1. Personal student development nationally, socially and culturally within the Islamic law .

  2. The development of the spirit of leadership among the students and allow them to express their opinions in charge.

  3. Educate students about their rights and their duty according to university regulations in force.

  4. Support of student activities in the scientific, cultural and social fields.

  5. Support of educational attainment and academic march.

  6. Strengthen the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork between the students and closer ties between them and academic and administrative bodies at the university.

  7. Maintain the overall achievements and contribution to the elevation would.

  8. Careful to establish the system in line with the university's mission and goals.

  9. Contribute with the college in the development of student services.

  10. Cooperation with the college to encourage gifted and improve Bmistoahn and their abilities and their skills

Terms nomination:

  1. The candidate should be a regular classroom.

  2. The candidate got an estimate of at least a good high.

  3. Completed a full semester.

  4. Be commendable biography reputable not signed by any disciplinary action

Student Council functions:

  1. Contribute to strengthen the link between the college and its students.

  2. Participation in organizing events and activities inside and outside the college.

  3. Identify the overall achievements and activities and help the students to do so.

  4. Actively participate in spreading awareness among students.

  5. Coordination of the work of the quarterly and final testing tables and taking the views of the rest of the students.

  6. Embrace the students suggestions that contribute to the upgrading of the educational process.

  7. Discuss the problems and difficulties experienced by the students section.

Ethics Council:

  1. Show the ethics of dialogs and discuss issues objectively without intolerance.

  2. setting a good example for the rest of the students knowledge and behavior.

  3. The successful and fruitful communication with the students and their needs and collect their suggestion .

  4. Clarity in Posing Problems and expression of reality accurately.

  5. commitment to attend meetings of the Council and the implementation of what is agreed upon in order to spread awareness and to overcome the obstacles to female students.