Organizational Structure and Tasks of The Quality and Development unit

 Disseminated the culture and concepts and quality standards among the faculty, students and staff college and the community surrounding body

 Vision, mission and strategic objectives of the Faculty of documentation and a mechanism for review and continuously updated.

 Create a database to connect with alumni.

 Held several training courses under the supervision and development unit and quality.

 Follow-up Study Plans application programs through the follow-up work of the special committees and study reports

 Follow-up programs and courses descriptions.

 Follow-up to the preparation of programs and courses of study reports.

 Follow-up to the preparation of self-study of the college and its educational programs.

 Develop a system of support, monitoring and evaluation units Dakha college and find out the plans in place within each unit.

 Formation of committees for the quality of work of periodic reports.

 Follow-up application of good practices for improvement and development.