Vision,Mission,Goals of The Quality and Development Unit


The distinction between units Development and Quality faculties of King Khalid University by achieving a high level of performance and the application of quality standards for the programmatic and institutional accreditation.



Unity seeks to spread the culture of quality and performance evaluation in all elements of the educational system and research activities and extra-curricular offered by the college in the light of the National Commission standards for accreditation and continuous improvement of institutional performance and program and the competitiveness of its graduates and earn the trust and satisfaction of employers



 Develop a system of follow-up and evaluation of all activities within the college to ensure the achievement of the overall goals to improve its outcome.

 Disseminate and promote the concepts of quality to all affiliates college (faculty members - employees and Administrator  - students) to achieve the overall achievements.

 Constantly work on the follow-up college programs in order to improve what is reflected on the graduates.

 Raise the research level of participation so as to ensure the provision of services for scientific research.

 Raising the level of community participation through the college plan to arrange the themes that will be talked about member of topics, seminars, lectures and meetings benefit the community.

 The pursuit of the requirements of the National Commission for Quality Assurance and the rehabilitation of the college for accreditation.