College Council



Faculty Council meets once a month at least and with two-thirds of its members and its function is as follows:

 To encourage the development of scientific research and ensure the coordination between the departments of the college in that regard and got them published .

 To propose the appointment of faculty members teaching assistants and lecturers. It also works on staff secondment, assignment and promotions.

 The proposal of the study plans or modify them with the coordination between departments.

 To approve the formation of committees from among the council members.

 To approve the acceptance and conversion from and to the college .

 To recommend the adoption of the general plan for the application of quality and academic accreditation.

 To recommend the adoption of the strategy for scientific research at the college , linking it to the research plan of the University.

 To recommend the adoption of the strategic plan of the college in accordance with the University's strategic plan.

 To Consider what the Council refers to the Council of the University or its president or his deputy or the Vice Presidents of the university or the dean of the college to study and take a view.

 To look onto the student matters that fall within his competence or otherwise , forward the them to the University Council.

 To propose the plan of the college's non-curricular activities.

 To propose the training plan and the necessary missions for the College.

 To propose the internal regulations in the college.

 To propose the examinations dates and to establish the regulations for examination.

 To propose curricula, books and references in the departments after the coordination between departments.