Quality and Development Vice-dean

In The Name Of Allah Tthe Merciful

And prayers and peace be upon His Messengers Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and his family and companions

Greet and welcome for  all visitor to the site to know on our college Faculty of Sciences and Arts for Girls in Khamis Mushayt and happy tour with our departments and units of the college and specialize Unit Development and Quality, which is seeking to excellence and quality through a commitment to quality for the National Commission standards for accreditation and academic provide all that is useful for  dear visitors  as a part of the publication a culture of quality.

Vice-dean for Quality and development

 M. Aisha Saeed Nasser

 Consolidate the concept of quality and the dissemination of culture at the college level.

 Supervising the application of quality college program.

 Supervising the performance evaluation

 Overseeing the implementation of the evaluation and academic accreditation program.

 Preparation and development of strategic plans for the College and its implementation.

 Overseeing the business unit e-learning.

 Study of the difficulties and problems faced by the Development and Quality and propose solutions programs.

 Identify specialized training needs of faculty members in academic departments and coordination with the Deanship of development and quality of implementation.

 Encourage faculty members to participate in attending courses and training programs and workshops offered by them Deanship of Development and Quality Authority.

 Supervise the preparation of a plan to develop the skills of employees of the college faculty members and employees and students.

 Supervision of the use of technology and e-learning and multimedia learning and distance education in teaching and learning within the college.

 Overseeing the preparation of the annual report of the College and distributed to the competent authorities after the approval of the Dean.

 Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the evolution of its units, according to the tasks assigned to them and the difficulties they face.

 Follow the development of educational facilities and modernization of the college laboratories.

 Setting the rules of procedure to work in agency development and quality faculty and disciplines General descriptions of the duties of employees and how coordination between its units.

 Overseeing the finances allocated to the Agency and the Covenant and programs in accordance with the rules and regulations.

 Supervising the implementation of what is referred to it by a competent development and quality topics.

 Implementation of innovation awards activities and excellence in academic and research career performance in college and follow-up.

 Develop appropriate interim plans for periodically reviewing quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of academic departments and administrative units altogether.

 A mechanism to get to know the college clients (internal and external) and their requirements and concealed satisfaction and communicated to all academic departments and administrative units related.

 Follow-up teaching performance of faculty members and evaluate, develop and help him to achieve professional and scientific excellence.

 Continue to update the College with regard to the unity and development of quality management and its subordinate units.

 The implementation of the cost it its dean of the university work.