Vice-dean tasks


  1. Supervision of the implementation of regulations and rules of the executive list of studies and tests undergraduate.
  2. Supervision of subordinate units Scientific Affairs
  3. Supervise the preparation of class schedules for students in academic departments and coordination with other colleges in cooperation with the Deanship of Admissions and the Committee on school schedules.
  4. Overseeing the course of final exams and the formation of committees in coordination with the academic departments and the Admission and Registration.
  5. Supervising the application of acceptance and transfer of the college and to the academic departments controls.
  6. Supervise the work of student affairs committees extracurricular student activities, as well as both the Commission laboratories, equipment and services.
  7. Supervision of the work of the laboratories, equipment and services.
  8. Oversee the equivalent courses.
  9. Supervising the delay and withdrawing and addition request for study applications, undergraduate studies in accordance with regulations and decisions issued in this regard.
  10. Overseeing the activities of the college introducing week.
  11. Submit periodic reports to Dean on the progress of work units Anchor subsidiary in accordance with the tasks entrusted to him, and the difficulties they face.
  12. Coordination with college units in the relevant fields.
  13. Supervision of the Financial Affairs and Covenant assigned proxy and programs in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  14. Fulfillment of secretary of the Faculty Council
  15. Continue to update the College with regard to his agency's administrative units and affiliates.
  16. Implementation by the dean of the business request.