College Dean

 Hamad Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Prophets and Messengers, and yet, I am pleased to welcome you to the official website of the College of Arts and Sciences Complex for Girls 1 at King Khalid University in the city of Khamis Mushayt, I also thank you for your visit to the site the college to learn about this college which offers services to the community during the rehabilitation of talented students with the knowledge, experience and who will contribute to the will of God in their home service

Opportunity for visiting site also allows us to college to keep you informed on what's new from other programs and possibilities of courses and research and studies, where the college is seeking to serve the community through the provision of courses and workshops specialized local and international participation in forums and scientific conferences at home and abroad

Honored visitor, I hope you find this site that answers your questions and queries do not hesitate to contact the College If you would like more information, as I find the opportunity to invite you to make comments about the college and what they offer programs and services to the community

Finally, I thank you again for visiting College of Arts and Sciences, and we hope to repeat your visit to this site and the continuation of reaching out with the college management and faculty members.

Dean of College

Srraa abu-Melha

First: Administrative and financial affairs

1. To president the college board , supervise its affairs and matters , send invitations to attend the board meetings , implement the board decisions and to send the meeting’s minutes to the college Rector.

2. To ensure the application of the regulations of higher education council.

3. To follow the aims and policies of King Khalid University an implement them .

4. To implement the University Council decisions regarding the college.

5. To supervise the preparation of the strategic plan of the college and to follow up its implementation.

6. To Supervise and manage the college affairs including education, research, management, finance, and culture.

7. To improve the faculty , administrative and research members .

8. To coordinate college relations and development inside and outside the university.

9. To provide all the educational needs and requirements of the college, research, management, and finance.

10. To evaluate college vice deans, heads of academic departments, supervisors and managers of college units .

11. To ensure the preservation of immovable and movable property of the college.

12. To follow the Advisory Council of the College and implement its recommendations.

13. To Work on the self-development of the financial resources of the college, and to strengthen and improve the mental image.

14. To Supervise the overall budget planning and preparation.

15. To supervise the necessary formation for the performance of the overall work of the committees.

16.To prepare a comprehensive report periodically on the study , academic performance , administrative and research progress at the college , and submit it to the Rector.

17. To submit reports to the Rector about what head of the departments notice about faculty members is in breach about any violation in the required duties, or any other irregularities.

18.To discuss and decide all matters concerning students and employees of the college , in accordance with the rules and regulations .

19. To perform her duties as authorized by the college council.

20. To represent the college inside and outside the university.

21. To perform the tasks assigned to her by the university council or manager.

Second: Academic Affairs

1.To Supervise the educational process , the implementation of its plans and the development of its academic programs.

2. To ensure the application of quality , its regulations , assessment and academic accreditation systems.

3. To supervise various student activities altogether.

4. To monitor examinations , regulate the order and discipline within the college.

5. To Encourage research writing in all specialization of the college.

6. To Work on establishing academic links with educational institutions within and outside the college.

7. To supervise attracting faculty members.

8. To supervise the implementation of the plans and the study programs in the college.​