English Head Department

        Hello to the Department of English at King Khalid University. That department, which are racing footsteps rapidly toward achieving the vision of a community bright provide rich to teach English and give enrolled in an environment with background knowledge wealthy enable them to create bridges of knowledge to communicate with people speaking this language as it is a universal language occupies a high scientific prestige accorded primacy over the rest of the languages ​​and made them the most commonly used language in the world.

We are here specifically in the Department of English, which fall under the umbrella of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for Girls departments in Khamis Mushayt adopt an ambitious vision aims to achieve excellence in graduating qualified nationals with linguistic and research high efficiency measure up to society and be able to compete in the pursuit of the labor market. Towards this goal, the department took it upon himself the task of rehabilitation of students majoring in English literature and linguistics paths and translation in the context of the educational process is subject to continuous development including meet international quality and academic accreditation standards.

Taking The department offers bachelor's degrees in English, it raises an academic program includes a variety from cover to cover a range of subjects in translation and literature and Applied Linguistics according to a comprehensive study plan aims to provide students a solid scientific flooring in all areas of the English language. The section includes a group of faculty members from different nationalities with expertise in the field of teaching all of them are trying to devote their efforts and expertise to provide a variety of cultural learning experience that meets the needs of students.

Head of English Department

Ms / Arwah Al-Amriy

First, administrative and financial affairs:

1. The Presidency of the Council of the department  and supervision of the organization affairs and the invitation to attend its meetings and the implementation of its decisions and send the minutes of its meetings to the dean of the college.

2.The high aims and policies at the university.

3. Implementation of the Faculty Council decisions regarding the department.

4. Supervise the preparation of the strategic plan for the department and follow up their implementation.

5. Oversee the management of the educational affairs section, research, administrative, financial, and cultural

6. Section overseeing the development of administrative, academic, and research.

7. format the partition relations and development within and outside the university.

8. Oversee the provision of all the requirements of section educational, research, management, and finance.

9.Supervision to raise the quality and level of development outcomes.

10. Implementation of Section Council resolutions and follow-up.

11. authorizing him to do what the powers by the dean of the college.

12. submit reports to the dean of the college all Maiga from a faculty member - and equivalents - of breach of the required duties, or any other irregularities.

13. to report on the progress of graduate studies in the department to the Dean, and Dean of Graduate Studies at the end of each academic year.

Second: Academic Affairs:

1. Provide a full report on educational trips for scholarship and implemented if within the UK and under the supervision section, and submit it to the College Board.

2. oversee the functioning of the educational process and the implementation of its plans and the development of academic programs in the department.

3. The application of quality systems and regulations, evaluation, and academic accreditation.

4. supervise the various student activities department.

5. monitor the performance of the exams, and adjust the system within the department.

6. supervise the academic development process in the department.

7. prepare a comprehensive annual report on the progress of the study of academic, administrative and research and performance in the section and submit it to the Dean of the College.

8. supervision of attracting faculty members of the department.

9. raising committee discussing theses report to the Dean of Graduate Studies in the period not to exceed three weeks from the date of the debate.

10. propose a faculty member of the faculty member in charge of the course puts the body to the ultimate test with the decision to require questions when needed.