Vision,mission and goals of English program

        The faculty of Language and Translation aspires to a pioneering role in promoting excellence in the fields of knowledge and research, thereby,

         consolidating its position as an effective role-player in the community.

     The KKU English program is dedicated to developing students’ academic and professional competencies in English language, translation, linguistics,

      applied linguistics and English literature. Towards this end, our endeavors are inspired by best current teaching practices and research. Our ultimate

      goal is effective contribution in serving our community in the fields of English language studies and translation.

     1.     To produce competent and professional English language users

     2.     To equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills of translation, literary appreciation, linguistics and applied linguistics analysis

     3.     To produce and utilize high quality research for the implementation of the English program mission

     4.     To expose the students to modern technology that can enhance their English language education

     5.     To prepare well-qualified graduates who can effectively meet the community needs for English language specialists, practitioners, translators,

             teachers and researchers.