Vision,Mission and Goals of Islamic Studies Department


 To make the department a distinguished pioneer in providing religious science to the society and to achieve the practical scientific quality in order to build qualified cadres who are aware of the changes of the age, combining the constants with the developments.​



 To establish the Islamic identity, values, constants and centrality in thought and in dealing with contemporary issues and to prepare distinguished female graduates to educate the society about the Islamic culture and to spread science, knowledge and scientific research.



 To spread the awareness of correct Islamic concepts.

 To instill the ideological and behavioral principles in the students of the department.

 To prepare cadres of teachers who are specialized in Islamic contribute to the dissemination of the right Islamic thought.

 To strengthen the relationship between students and members in order to form a positive personality who is capable of giving.

 To provide the opportunity for female students to complete the requirements of postgraduate studies (Master and PhD) at a distinguished research level.

 To develop academic courses in a way that contributes to the development of the skills of female students to enable them to play their educational role.