Information Systems Head Department

The growing importance of computer development and modern technology and the need for specialists in this area after the penetration of computers in all aspects of life,In this sense it is the reality of the anticipated need for competencies in the field of computers. King Khalid University sought to keep up with this increase through the preparation of qualified scientific cadres in the field of computer science under the umbrella of Faculty of Arts and Sciences in khamis-mushait

Computer Science Department offers students  the necessary knowledge to develop their ability to sense the organizer and teamwork and upgrading academic three fields  thinking skills (Knoweldge - research Practical).  Portal ensure that all decisions of department balance between theoretical and practical, allowing students the ability to challenge the problems and Development innovation, creativity, and effectively contribute to sustainable development and community outreach. Graduates currently occupy the most important section of jobs related to the development and software engineering and web pages.

Department carries on his shoulder a commitment to quality behavior that is not a slogan, quality organizations that sow in the section and its regulations, grow and thrive in the academic and administrative procedures, and finally bear fruit in the output section of scholars and scientific research.

Head of Department

Tayf Aubdallah

First, administrative and financial affairs:

 The Presidency of the Council of the department  and supervision of the organization affairs and the invitation to attend its meetings and the implementation of its decisions and send the minutes of its meetings to the dean of the college.

 The high aims and policies at the university.

Implementation of the Faculty Council decisions regarding the department.

Supervise the preparation of the strategic plan for the department and follow up their implementation.

Oversee the management of the educational affairs section, research, administrative, financial, and cultural

Section overseeing the development of administrative, academic, and research.

format the partition relations and development within and outside the university.

 Oversee the provision of all the requirements of section educational, research, management, and finance.

 Supervision to raise the quality and level of development outcomes.

Implementation of Section Council resolutions and follow-up.

authorizing him to do what the powers by the dean of the college.

submit reports to the dean of the college all Maiga from a faculty member - and equivalents - of breach of the required duties, or any other irregularities.

to report on the progress of graduate studies in the department to the Dean, and Dean of Graduate Studies at the end of each academic year.

Second: Academic Affairs:

Provide a full report on educational trips for scholarship and implemented if within the UK and under the supervision section, and submit it to the College Board.

oversee the functioning of the educational process and the implementation of its plans and the development of academic programs in the department.

The application of quality systems and regulations, evaluation, and academic accreditation.

supervise the various student activities department.

monitor the performance of the exams, and adjust the system within the department.

supervise the academic development process in the department.

prepare a comprehensive annual report on the progress of the study of academic, administrative and research and performance in the section and submit it to the Dean of the College.

supervision of attracting faculty members of the department.

raising committee discussing theses report to the Dean of Graduate Studies in the period not to exceed three weeks from the date of the debate.

propose a faculty member of the faculty member in charge of the course puts the body to the ultimate test with the decision to require questions when needed.