The University Rector Issued Number Of assigning Decisions


Source: King Khaled University - Media Center

His excellency Rector of King Khaled University Prof. Faleh bin Reja-Allah Al-Solami issued  number of assigning decisions :

  • Extending the assigning   of Dr. Abdurahman Saleh Alsaiari as A Dean of Pharmacy college .
  • Assigning Dr. Mohammed Muteb Kardm Dean of Science and Art College in Sarat- Abidah .
  • Extending the assigning  of  Dr. Ahmad Yahya Al-Faiee as  Dean of Post graduated Studies Deanship .
  • Extending the assigning  of   Dr. Abdullah Mansoor Al-edaid as Dean of Students Affairs Deanship
  • Extending the assigning of Pro. Salman Mohammed Al-Homaid Dean of Medical College .
  • Assigning Dr. Thabet Saeed Al-Qahtani as  Dean of Education College
  •  Assigning Prof . Yahay Abdullah AlShereif as Dean of  Humanities College
  • Assigning Prof . Abdulaziz Ibrahim Al-Faqeeh as Dean of Science and Arts College in Tanomah
  •  Assigning Dr. Khaled oudah Al-Ahmari as  Dean of  Applied Medical Sciences College  in Abha
  • Extending thw assigning of Dr. Maha Mohammed Al-Shehri as Dean of Science and Arts College in  Al Majaridah
  • Extendin the assigning of Prof. Sraa Abdullah  Abu-melha  as Dean of Science and Arts College in Khamis Mushait
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Seham Musa Al-Haider as Dean of Science and Arts College and Community College in Rijal-Alma
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Munerah Saeed Abu-Hamamh as Dean of Community College in Abha
  • Assigning  Dr.Ayda Sanad Al-Qarni  as  Dean's Assistant  of Nursing College in Abha (female students )
  • Assigning Dr. Abdullah Hasan Al-Shehri as a Vice  Dean  of  Community Service and Continuing Education Deanship  in Tehama
  • Assigning Dr. Abdurahman Khaseef Al-Qarni as Vice Dean  of  Community Service and Continuing Education, Community Partnership Deanship
  • Extending the assigning of Dr.Saleh Mohammed Al-Qhahtani  Vice- Dean  of Medicine  College for Clinical Affairs
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Mohammed Husain Al-Faifi a Vice -Director of Creativity and Giftedness Center for  For Innovation Affairs
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Adel Saeed Al-Obaid as Vice-Dean of  Dentistry College  for Academic Affairs
  • Assigning Dr. Majed Saeed Al-Dalhem as a Vice-Dean  of Education College for Development and Quality Unit
  • Extending the assigning of Prof. Aoad Abdullah Al-Qarni  as Vice-Dean of Humanities College of Graduate Studies and  Scientific Research
  •  Assigning Dr. Husain Mohammad Al-Obaid  as Vice -Dean of Business Administration College of  Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
  • Assigning Dr. Hanan Ahmed Alsedei as Vice -Dean of Admission and Registration Deanship, (female students )
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Fatimah Ali Alzahrani as Vice – Director of Creativity and Giftedness  and Entreprenership Center( female students )
  • Assigning Dr.Azizah Abdurahman Al-Shehri  as Vice -Dean of Home Economics College ,Development and Quality Unit
  • Assigning Dr. Aishah Abdullah Al-Araiza as Vice -Dean of Graduate Studies Deanship ( female students )
  • Assigning Dr. Mohammed Salem Al-Shehri  as General Supervisor of  Scholarship Administration
  • Assigning Dr. Abdullah Ayed Asiri as Supervisor of   Scientific Journals and  Scientific Societies Units
  • Assigning Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Amri  as Supervisor of cancer research unit
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-qahtani as General  Supervisor of  Teaching Arabic language for Non-Arabic Speakers
  • Assigning Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Sultan as General Supervisor's Assistant  of Scholarship Administration
  • Assigning Dr. Messfer Ahmed Al-Atef as Vice-Supervisor of  Intellectual Awareness Unit in The University (male students )
  • Extending the assigning  of Dr. sulaiman Hassan Alfalaqi as General Supervisor's Assistant of   of The University in Tehama
  • Extending  the assigning of Dr. khadeja Abood Asiri as Supervisor's  Assistant of The Counseling and Advising Unit in Students Affairs Deanship (female students )
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Ebtisam Dhafer Al-Qhahtani as Vice-general supervisor  of GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ( female students )  
  • Assigning Dr. Daola Mohammed Asiri Vice-Supervisor of Intellectual Awareness Unit in The University ( female students )
  • Assigning Dr. Kamela Ali Al-Meqbel  as Counselor in Special Needs Unit in Students Affairs Deanship (female students )
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Saeed Mohammed Al-Meed as Director of Assessment Center in The University
  • Extending the assigning of Dr Hamed Ali Al-Qhahtani as Director of Advanced Material Research Center  .
  • The assigning decisions also included :
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Mohammed Abdurahman AlFarisi as Head of Prosthetic Dental Science
  • Extending the assigning of Dr.  Youssef Abdullah Al-qarni  as Head of perative Dentistry
  •  Extending the assigning of Dr. Salem Mahdi Al-Muamer as Head  of Children's teeth and orthoses Department
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Saeed Mushabab Al-Qhahtani as Head of History Department in Humanities College
  • Assigning Dr. Turki Saud Al-Theabi as Head of Islamic Department in Science and Arts College in Sarat-Abida
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Hassan Muhammad Al-Muosa as Head of  Family and Community Medicine Department
  • Assigning Dr. Saleh Saeed Al-Arfaj as Head of chemical Department in Science College
  • Assigning Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Tehani as Head of Arabic Language and  Literature Department in Humanities College
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Merei Saeed Al-Qarni as Head of Mathematics Department
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Gophari as Head of Education in Education College
  • Extending the assigning of Dr. Fahad Abdullah Asiri as Head of Special Needs Department
  • Assigning Dr. Afaf Ahmad Al-Dahesh as Supervisor of   Pharmacology Department in Pharmacy College
  • Assigning Dr. Noura Hessain Ba-Nafei as Supervisor of English Language Department in Science and Arts College in Muhayil ( female students )

Therefor His Excellency Rector of King Khaled University  congratulated   the assigned and appointed members wishing  them the best luck  and the University is looking forward for the continues development and improvement of educational processes and the curricula

  Source:King Khalid University Media and Communications King Khalid University, represented by the Postgraduate Studies Deanship is to organize an online  workshop entitled “Questionnaires and statistical analysis," on the evening of Wednesday, 3 of the month of Dhul Qi'dah, as part of the  "Mubadron" project. The dean of the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies  Dr. Ahmed bin Yahya Al-Faee, explained that the workshop will be a two hour session from 9pm to 11pm  and targets graduate studnets. The workshop  aims to introduce the importance of questionnaires and the most  common mistakes that occur when building them , in addition to providing students with the skills to  designing them , and introducing  the type of questionnaires . To attend the workshop ( click here).
  His Excellency The Director of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaallah Al-Salami has sponsored the opening ceremony of the third scientific forum, which is organized by the University represented by the Faculty of Science and Arta in Khamis Mushit in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation under the theme "Translation: The Dialogue of Cultures", which lasts for two days in the main campus in Abha. At the beginning of the opening ceremony, His Excellency the Rector welcomed the guests and participants in the forum, thanking all those who contributed to the organization and establishment of this forum, noting that this forum is the third of its kind organized by the Faculty of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushit, praising the efforts of the College and its interest in conducting meetings and activities that benefit the university's interested staff and researchers, which will reflect on the results of this college and other related colleges. Al-Salami has also praised the cooperation that took place between the Faculty of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushit, and the Faculty of Languages and Translation, stressing the importance of this in establishing and building research groups between different disciplines, pointing out that the themes of this forum are of paramount importance in the field of translation and cultural dialogue, hoping that this forum will come up with many recommendations that are in the interest of developing and advancing the fields of translation. On the other hand, the Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Dr. Ahmed bin Salman Al-Fifi, thanked the University's Director for sponsoring this forum, noting that this scientific research meeting is focused on the creation of translations between cultures, with the arms of researchers and researchers, and the manufacture of experiments and experiences, and said" No one denies what Translation is of the utmost importance and high status, as it has contributed significantly and clearly to the progress of humanity and the development of nations and peoples, as it serves as a bridge to cross into civilizations, a meeting point of knowledge and dialogue of cultures, and a means of establishing trade, industrial, military and diplomatic cooperation. Between states, entities, and societies," al-Fifi stressed, that translation is a complex intellectual and intellectual process, which often causes the translator anxiety, and insomnia, until he finds his stupidity and reaches his destination. Al-Fifi added that the scientific committee received many entries from inside and outside the university, and the committee worked on the entries received from within the university, where the participants were raised on 23 entries, of which 13 were approved. Dr. Walid Bulaihish al-Amri then delivered a speech, through which he stressed that translation is imperative to keep pace with the progress of civilization and the transfer of science and the exchange of literature and arts, considering that translation has a role that cannot be underestimated in communication between nations, pointing to the role of translation in connecting societies and peoples far apart. Al-Amri added that the follower of the development of human civilizations and the growth of scientific and human progress will find that translation is a phenomenon that precedes every civilized achievement of each nation. At the end of his speech he expressed his thanks and appreciation to the university and those who organized this forum. At the end of the opening ceremony, His Excellency the Rector honored the participants in the forum, and photographs were taken.  
  The (Musk) Club for Student Activities at the College of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushait in coopration with the Department of Safety and Occupational Health the central clubs at the Deanship of female Student’s Affairs organised an event entitled : the International Day of Civil Defense Day: Tuesday . Date: 8_7_1441 AH Time: 9 o'clock Venue : college yard. The ceremony started with an introduction to the event, followed by a speech on Civil defence Day and then another awareness speech, then an explanatory speech about the fire extinguishers and their types accompanied by a ppt slides show on the importance of first aid and an explanation about it, and was accompanied by different activities and songs,
  The (Musk) Club for Student Activities at the College of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushait, in cooperation with the Vice Deanship of Student Affairs for female Student’s Affairs, arranged a discussion session "Views| Debates"  Day: Tuesday.  Date: 17_6_1441 AH.  Time : 10 - 12  Venue: college treater The panel discussion started with an introduction by the Director of Dialogue: Samira Al-Quraishi, explaining to the attendees and the members of the discussion that the aim of the seminar is to enhance the concept of  iscussion and accept and respect different opinions and give the participants an opportunity to express their views and clarify their different points of view. The moderator discussed 3 topics, where she addressed some questions to the two parties, and discussed their answers and opinions with the public, giving 3 minutes of time for each argument or point, and allowed the parties to comment on the responses of the other parties. I started with the topic of language, its use as a social aspect or a deficiency complex, the effect of the use and speaking of other languages on adults and children, and the extent of its influence on the formation of their identity. It also touched on the issue of colonialism and the extent of its influence and its proximity to the subject of language, as well as the impact of science in the languages in which it is taught, The parties explain their point of view on each of these points. The dialogue has moved on to the theme of vegetarian diet, its reality, being a healthy moral system or a hoax to the consumer? The two parties discussed multiple axes, starting with the presence of nutrients necessary for human life or not in the plant system, and how to help animals in other ways than the plant system. Then the discussion ended on the subject of artificial intelligence and whether it could outperform human intelligence, and what its relationship to awareness, and is it possible for humans to control devices, no matter how much their intelligence and awareness increased. On each of the topics, the director of the dialogue asked the audience to show a sign "with" or "against" according to their opinion on the topic and allowed them to speak and an opportunity to express their different opinions. The discussion was attended by approximately 42 people.
  The (Musk) Club for Student Activities at the College of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushait, in cooperation with the Vice Deanship of Student Affairs for female Student’s Affairs, organised the activity of the Walking Challenge: Let's walk  Day: Tuesday  Date: 24_6_1441 AH  Time: 8-12  Venue : campus. The challenge started from eight until twelve o'clock with the aim of achieving the largest number of steps during a school day, I started to record posts with their data and then return at the end of time and monitor the broken steps and determine the top three centers among them and the winners got a set of healthy snacks in addition to purchase cards From the Jarir Bookstore, some publications containing simple exercise methods and multiple methods for preparing detox have also been published, as have some publications that contain the indication of craving for some foods and what are the nutritional elements associated with them, and some healthy foods have been distributed. The club also presented the challenge of searching for the treasure, as it hid gifts in several places at the university, and gave the students papers that contained hints at the places of the gifts.