Community service plan for the academic year 1437-1438 AH

Dr. Siraa Abdullah Abu Malha and the College's Faculty of Academic and Educational Affairs Dr. Sultana Al Shahrani are keen to achieve the objectives that the university aims to achieve, including enhancing effective partnerships with the community. A number of community service programs have been implemented in the Kingdom. These programs contribute to improving the cultural, cognitive and social level of groups and individuals, and to provide developmental and scientific contributions that serve the region's issues. These programs can be summarized in the following table:



Beneficiary category

Program name

The presenter of the program




Methods of infection and prevention of blood diseases

Dr. Mai El Desouky

  Nutrition and food safety issues Dr. Buthaina Shaaban 3
-- --

Qualifying of secondary school students in English

Ms. Rahma Abdel Rahim 4
-- -- Medical terms Ms. Shakila Noor 5
-- -- Microsoft Office Ms. Shaima Ali  6 
-- -- Database basics Ms. Wagdan Atta Al-
-- -- At the gates of the university Dr. Siham Ibrahim 8