Courses and training programs launched by the college of Science and Arts Khamis Mushait within the initiative of "goodwill"

As A part of the "Good Will" initiative launched by His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, The Governor of Assir Region, the College of Science and Arts concluded its training programs  that were set for the children and visitors of Aseer region during the period from 18-22 /11 / 1440H the training courses included different topics and areas like the skills of dealing with others, educational steps through Luqman's teachings for his son, ways of setting goals and prioritizing, having a positive personality, and creative thinking.

On the other part, the Dean of the college of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushait, Dr. Sarra Abdullah Abu Malha, stressed and emphasized on the University's keenness to organize training and educational programs to polish the skills of the beneficiaries of the region and its visitors. She concluded by thanking His Excellency the Rector of the university for his continuous support .


Under the supervision of the vice dean of Female Students Affairs, The Musk Club in coordination with all departments, held a celebration on the occasion of the eighty-ninth Saudi National Day entitled (Nonstop to the Top) on Tuesday, 2/2/1441. The club has already started to activate national initiatives since the beginning of the week aimed at embodying patriotism in the field through a campaign entitled (planting for the home) to plant trees college, and student Hessa Ahmed Ali Al-Shahrani from the Department of Computer designed a program on the site The founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the most prominent kings and currencies used in it. Hashtag also launched the #KKU word in the account of the Faculty of Science and Arts on Twitter to collect the words and participation of students on this great day in the form of a competition for the best national phrase to motivate students to participate, and the Director of the Department Professor Hessa Shoel launched an initiative to activate the university site Presenting three prizes of 500 riyals for each winner, provided that she does her university website by placing the slogan "nonstop to the for the Top" in her personal album. Then the theater program was launched and included a set of audio and video presentations and a word for students in both Arabic and English and a speech to the dean of the college on this great occasion and then a national poem by the student Dhiya Shahrani won the approval of attendance, followed the poem a set of presentations by Ms. Haifa monthly public relations Al Saud and their most prominent timeless categories. Then the national thoughts of the students and the program concluded with a national play by Dr. Iman Al-Shehri aimed at highlighting the status of Saudi women and their effective role in society, the ceremony was not without entertainment competitions were distributed envelopes to the students in national terms and withdrawn in numbers and in the envelope No. 89 The ceremony was concluded with thanks to attendees and the award of prizes. On the side of the theater, the club, in cooperation with public relations and coordinators of activities, and the library and security and safety departments, held a mini exhibition to showcase the inspirational works of the students. The resonant patriotism by the attendees on the stadiums.  
  The Musk Club of the college of science and arts in Khamees Mushayt in cooperation with the deanship of student’s affairs organized a workshop on the basics of French language on Tuesday 9/2/1441 AH. The workshop included • French language’s background, prevalence and number of users. • Definition of the sounds of the French language and the way of pronunciation. • Compare the sounds of French with English and try to match them. • Names of numbers and days of the week • How to start a dialogue in French. The session was concluded with the participation of the trainees in different conversations in and the session was capable to inspire the spirit of enthusiasm and motivation to learn French language. 26 students and 3 faculty members benefited from the workshop.
The Musk Club for Student's Activities at the college of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushayt, in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs for Female students orgenized  a reception and an inaguration for new students on Tuesday, 17/1/1441 AH at the college of Science and Arts Theater in Al-Mahala. The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, then the Dean of Admission and Registration dr. Hanan Saadi addressed the students with her speech, that was followed by the e-learning Dean’s speech. Then, Ms.Fatima Al-Shehri gave a speech that stated the importance of student activities in refining and encouraging the talents of female students, followed by a story of the struggle of one of the graduating students to tell about her career and the difficulties she faced and alert the new students to benefit from her experience. After that Ms. Fatima Assiri delivered a speech about the Center for Guidance and Counseling .. Finally, the ceremony was concluded with a speech from the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Arts, Dr. Sarah Aboumelha. The ceremony was attended by a number of faculty members, heads of departments and new students, who were more than 200 students.
  Source: King Khalid University - Media Center King Khalid University Rector Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy chaired the Third University Council on Wednesday. Higher Education Council Interim Committee Secretary-General, Dr. Mohammed Al-Saleh, led the meeting in the presence of university vice rectors and deans. His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy opened the meeting by thanking Allah the Almighty and praising the Prophet (PBUH). Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Secretary-General of the Council, Prof. Saad Al-Amri, then displayed the agenda and topics of the meeting. The council came to a number of decisions as follows: Meeting the executive regulations of the Joint Supervision Program (JSP) in postgraduate studies with a number of international universities. Establishing the King Khalid University Dental Hospital that will replace the current dental clinics. Restructuring the Graduate Deanship Council.
  King Khalid University - Media Center The College of Medicine and the Medicine and Creative Club recently collaborated with the Kawther Health Association on bringing a health awareness caravan to the Thuluth Al-Manzar in the Asir region. A number of faculty doctors, consultants and students participated. College of Medicine Student Activities Head, Dr. Wadah Al-Alamie, said that the caravan included four mobile clinics: Two specializing in optics and optical surgery, a children's thoracic unit, and a family medicine clinic. Dr. Al-Almaie noted that the caravan provided clinical examinations and medical consultations to nearly 100 members of the public at no charge. He added that the effort was part of the university's public outreach initiatives. Dr. Al-Almaie thanked the Kawther Health Association and participants for all of their efforts and support.