Admission Dates for Bachelor and Diploma

The Deanship of Admission and Registration at King Khalid University is announcing that all applications for bachelor and diploma programs will be received through 'Academia' e-portal starting from 15/10/1440 AH to 30/10/1440 H. The sorting and nomination process will be conducted in two main stages:

The first will be on 05/11/1440 AH and it will be for the bachelor programs. And the second will be on 09/11/1440 AH and it will be for the remaining seats of bachelor degree and diploma degree. 

Moreover, the Deanship also announces the beginning of the admission for the fee- based applied diplomas which will be on 13/11/1440 AH.

It is important to know the admission processes will be  fully electronic and there will be no need to come to the deanship or to send any documents to the university. In case of any inquiry, you can contact the deanship through 'Tawasul Service' on the admission e-portal which enables the applicant to send his/her inquiry and receive the respond in a fast and direct way.

In this regard, the Deanship is inviting all those wishing to apply for King Khalid University to speed up the procedures of tests that are important for admission process, so that the Deanship can bring the test marks electrically.  Furthermore, no grade will be considered after the date of 30/10/1440 AH and the marks of each stage and specialization will be announced on this date. The rest of the vacant seats will be offered to all applicants on 12/11/1440 AH through the 'Immediate Admission Service' and 'Change of Admission Service', which enable the applicants who have been not accepted in the previous two stages or who wish to change their specialization to complete that electrically, according to the admission percentages and available seats.