About the Magazine


In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Praise be to Allah, first and foremost, for what is bestowed, gave, and blessed , and Mercy and blessing on His prophet , who came as an enlightening lamp, and his family and companions.
Day after day, tender after tender, dreams come true and hopes come true. Yesterday we were drawing on a booklet and a painting, soaking our hands with kinds of pens, adding to our clothes different colors and today; a keyboard and mouse are all we need to build a world and a city or draw a car and a ship. 1440/6/16 is the date to put the first brick to the spring of science is not boring, which is the computer magazine (This is us at KKU) in this place and in the first magazine issued by the Department of computer incubation of these pages. We would like to thank ; after thanking God Almighty; everyone who contributed to its establishment We participated in the Knowledge Forum and to help everyone to do good and to make the computer magazine (This is us at K KU) is a fruitful product we will be proud of