Book Fair Succeeds Under the Tutelage of HRH Prince Faisal bin Khalid

His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Asir Region, inaugurated the 15th Annual Book Fair organized by King Khalid University and represented by the Deanship of Library Affairs, on Wednesday the 1st of Safar 1440 AH at Prince Sultan Intellectual Center in Khamis Mushait.

His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, thanked HRH Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz for his patronage and HRH Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, for their time and effort in supporting and encouraging the development of the region.

In his speech, Al-Solamy said: "We thank Allah for the Kingdom's continued emphasis on human capital development through higher education. We also thank our great leader the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, HRM King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and the Crown Prince, HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, for their vision and paving the way forward for the Kingdom in the 21st century."

Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Bin Mohammed Bin Dajjam, explained that the university plays a vital role in our society by supporting and sponsoring various programs and activities." The book fair is a vital part of spreading knowledge and laying a foundation for further education and development of the citizenry," Dajjam said. He noted that with the support and leadership of Rector Al-Solamy the 15th Annual Book Fair had broad participation including more than 100 agencies and publishing houses.

Dean of Library Affairs at the University, Dr. Abdullah Al Nasser, further explained that the fair aims to help the Kingdom achieve its objectives and vision by providing a vibrant academic environment that bolsters both the faculty and student efforts to succeed in this rapidly advancing globally integrated technological environment.

  Source: King Khalid University - Media Center Dr. Hessa Al-Maloud from the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality, in collaboration with the Vice Rector of Female Student Affairs, Dr. Khuloud Abu Melha, highlighted the details of the ceremony honoring the participants in the Employee Development Program. 12 Trainers assisted a total of 65 trainees in the latest program period. Dr. Al-Maloud noted that employee development and academic improvement are always a high priority at the university.
  Source: King Khalid University - Media Center King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, hosted a ceremony to honor those students who participated in the first annual Student Body Initiative Program. The purpose of the program is to engage in projects that help build community spirit among the students, encourage creativity and spread cultural awareness. The faculty leader for this effort is Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdullah bin Mansour Al-Aidheed. The awards committee received more than 300 entries for consideration from which 6 winners were selected. The program is expected to expand in scope next year.
Source: King Khalid University - Media Center King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh Al-Solamy, executed a partnership agreement between King Khalid University and the Al Ghad International College of Applied Medicine in Abha. University Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad bin Dujam, hosted Al-Ghad College Dean, Dr. Meshael Al-Olayan, at the signing ceremony. The purpose of the partnership is to exchange academic and scientific information in the fields of general healthcare and applied medicine. Rector Al-Solamy explained that 'Sharing resources will allow scientific research efforts to advance more quickly and efficiently. In addition, joint development of academic programs will lead to better learning outcomes in both institutions'. The ceremony participants expressed their satisfaction in beginning this arrangement, and stated that they looked forward to a long and productive working relationship between the schools.
  Source: King Khalid University - Media Center The Director of the University Medicine Council recently visited University Medical City. The purpose of the visit was to tour the grounds and new facilities. Vice Rector of Construction Projects, Dr. Mohammad Adam, greeted the entourage. The Vice Rector and a team of project engineers and construction specialists showed the Medicine Council Director the new campus. The project team also briefed the Director on the progress towards completion of the new hospital, medical buildings and ancillary infrastructure. King Khalid University's Medical City will provide state of the art medical services to the region's growing population. Also, the medical facilities are expected to generate a large number of new jobs, and lead to a significant increase in economic activity in and around the campus. It will be equipped with the latest technologies in the medical field, with one of the highest bed capacities of any university hospital in the Middle East. The project comports with Vision 2030, which stresses the importance of the health care sector and public health services. Dean of the College of Medicine, Prof. Suliman Al-Humayed, and the members of the College Council expressed their gratitude for the Medical City project, and the great benefits which will result from its operations. 
  Source: King Khalid University - Media Center The Media and Communications Department recently conducted six community service/public outreach programs in the Asir region. These initiatives included various efforts designed to improve the lives of our citizens and the environment. Each program began as a senior student graduation project, which the university sponsored for public consumption. These efforts were coordinated by departmental supervisor Mrs. Nora Amer. Student Reem Salem Al-Faifi created a campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of social media. She discussed the ways in which impressionable teenagers are sometimes influenced by popular social media figures in negative or even destructive ways. She offered the public various solutions based on proper monitoring of internet usage and education. Student Huda Asiri ran an awareness campaign on female depression. She focused on the causes, symptoms and potential treatment of depression in women and girls. She placed special emphasis on how family and friends can recognize and intervene when a female is depressed. Ms. Asiri also reviewed the potential consequences of chronic depression in females. Student Azhar Al-Qahtani conducted a campaign on female empowerment in the workforce. She reviewed how women play an increasingly important role in economic development and other aspects of the national strategy. Ms. Al Qahtani then explained how female empowerment in the workplace was an important part of making sure that women contribute to increases in productivity in all sectors. She reviewed ways in which female employees can build character and enhance their self-confidence in all aspects of their professional and civic lives. Graduating student Sara Al-Arbie ran a workshop on the importance of volunteerism. She raised public awareness on the need for people to do their part in enhancing the well-being of their fellow citizens at the local, regional and national levels. In her presentation, she noted that helping others benefits both the people assisted and those who volunteer. She explained that people who volunteer their time for the public good find more personal satisfaction and meaning in their own lives. Student Rahaf Mubark is running a program titled 'Plant'. Her project aims to improve the environment and beautify the region by cleaning up and nurturing the indigenous flora and fauna in the area. The coalition raises awareness of the need for and benefits of an ecologically healthy environment. Finally, student Samira Al-Zehan conducted a campaign titled 'Your Secret Power'. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of the rights conferred upon Saudi women with keynote speakers Mohammed Awad Al-Fiih, legal advisor, and lawyer Al-Qahtani joining in. The university congratulates these students for their hard work and dedication to public causes. More than 1,300 citizens benefited from these 6 programs.