Public Relation



M.Maryam Gobran




  • Follow-up and Coordination and the direct supervision and processing of concerts, seminars and meetings for faculty.
  • Greeted visitors to the college and auditors and to respond to inquiries regarding the services offered by the College of parties wishing to take advantage and directing them to the people of jurisdiction by inquiry
  • Post Departments and units and student clubs in the activation of different programs and active participation in events and activities held college and beyond
  • Issuing a monthly magazine wall College
  • Greeted the invitees to attend the events held at the college and provide appropriate hospitality.
  • Conduct necessary for the issuance of identity cards that regulators in events held inside and outside the college
  • Coordination between the various parties such as maintenance, security, supervisor of the building for public events that require major efforts
  • Preparation partying programs and major events and get initial approval from the dean ship by coordination with the parties involved
  • Coordination of posts in the college conferences, exhibitions, programs, courses, workshops, internal and external
  • Strengthening and consolidating the overall relationship with internal and external audience with, and establishing the principle of transparency in the delivery of the vision and mission of the College
  • Printing all kinds of invitations and certificates and publications in accordance with the directives of the total Deanship
  • Design and implementation of special events billboards as directed by Dean
  • Full distribution of the College of General publications on the offices and units
  • Deanship provide periodic reports on everything that may affect the overall image positively or negatively
  • Do emerging tasks assigned by the immediate superior in the field of competence