Vision, Mission and Goals of the unit


Excellence and leadership at the level of the university in achieving the vision, message and objectives of the center of the measurement and evaluation.



Activation and follow-up of the tasks of the Measurement and Evaluation Center, based on the vision, and to develop practices based on procedural definitions of these of these tasks according to a set of values that govern the measurement and evaluation process in general and academic higher education in particular to meet the requirements of development and quality, and give information to the center based on evidence.

 To spread knowledge about the unit of measurement and evaluation in the college.

 To enhance the role of the unit of measurement and evaluation achieving its mission in every department in the college.

 To contribute in the improvement and development of the teaching methods and the different types of assessment in the college.

 To ensure the effectiveness of the procedures evolved in applying the performance evaluation tools.

 To support safe environment for the educational process in the college.

 To predict the weakness and strengths of the educational process in the college.

 To explain the information and data to the faculty members in the college as well as to provide them with feedback.