Facilities and equipment

The college includes 8 buildings, divided between classrooms and labs . Each building includes 6 to 18 classrooms equipped with the latest tools and means to ensure the quality of the educational process. All buildings were provided with high quality wireless internet access to serve students In all fields.

The college has 2 fully equipped e-learning labs



The college has 5 cooperative libraries distributed across all departments. The cooperative library serves students in photocopying and providing office supplies at a suitable prices . The College also has a public library that contains about 1500 books in various disciplines.​


The college includes 3 cafeterias offering a wide variety of snacks and types of food according to the needs and desires of the students.


The college consists of 8 prayer rooms spreaded all over the college buildings. The prayers room committee supervises the preparation and maintenance of prayer services and ensure the implementation of religious programs, departmental seminars and seminars at the college level.​

The College has a medical clinic and it is equipped with all medical devices and medicines to meet the needs of student’s health needs . It also provides primary preventive and treatment health care, and works to create a high quality awareness by qualified health staff to serve faculty members and students.​