The Dean Task

First, administrative and financial affairs:

1. presidency of the College Board and oversee the organization of its affairs and the invitation to attend its meetings and implement its decisions and to send the minutes of its meetings to the Rector.

2. Application of regulations and systems of higher education council.

3. the high aims and policies at King Khalid University.

4. Implementation of the University Council decisions regarding the college.

5. Oversee the preparation of the strategic plan of the college and follow up their implementation.

6. Supervise and manage the affairs of the college education, research, management, finance, and culture.

7. administratively faculty development, and academic and research.

8. Coordination of college relations and development inside and outside the university.

9. supervision to provide all the educational requirements of the college, research, management, and finance.

10. perform agents college and heads of academic departments evaluate, and Dra, and the heads of its units.

11. Preservation of immovable and movable property of the college.

12. acts of the Advisory Council for the College and the implementation of its recommendations format.

13. Work on self-development of financial resources of the college, strengthen and improve the mental image.

14. supervise the overall budget planning and preparation.

15. formation necessary for the performance of the overall work of the committees.

16. prepare a comprehensive report periodically on the progress of the study and academic performance and administrative and research at the college and submit it to the Rector.

17. submit reports to the Rector at the Maaisalh from department heads or Maalahzawnh all Maiga of the faculty member is in breach of his required duties, or any other irregularities.

Lifting Altodbeh matters with respect to students and employees of the college and in accordance with the rules and regulations 18.

19. doing his authorized representative to the Faculty Council from his duties.

20. College representation inside and outside the university.

21. Implementation of Michaelvh by the university council or manager.

Second: Academic Affairs:

1. supervise the conduct of the educational process and the implementation of its plans and the development of its academic programs.

2. The application of quality and regulations, assessment and academic accreditation systems.

3. oversee the various student activities altogether.

4. exams monitor, adjust the order and discipline within the college.

5. encourage research in various disciplines of the college.

6. Work on establishing academic links with educational institutions within and outside the college.

7. supervision of attracting faculty members.

8. overseeing the implementation of the plans and programs of study in college.