Vision,Mission, Goals of Academic advising and guidance unit


Leadership and excellence in guidance and counseling and academic support level.


We look forward to meet the needs of the students academic, social, psychological, health, economic, and create the appropriate ways to deal with these needs professional scientific methods and smoothly directed back to the benefit of the student.


Unit aims to prepare the student for university life in accordance with Islamic education and the study of the students surrounding the university environment and learn about the negatives that surrounded the students and handling as it requested including interest and those goals as follows:

  1. Greeted the students developments and prepare them and prepare them for university life and is done through the definition of the students the regulations and rules of the executive at the University of King Khalid and introduce them to the unity of guidance and counseling and academic support and distribution of publications and the rules of the Executive academic counseling and regulations discipline the provision of appropriate psychological and social conditions to help the student to improve their standard grades and academic to the maximum extent possible and to communicate with students through unity and through Girl Guides academies to follow and infinite health, psychological and social situations, and provide student scientific, psychological and social information indicative that compliance with the skills to face and solve problems they face, according to their capabilities and potential.

  2. Provide all forms of educational and psychological care for the students so that they can maintain their superiority by holding demonstration sessions to keep the spirit of excellence among students and guide students are grown for their capacity to innovate, as well as honor students excelling (sets from the deanship at the end of extra-curricular activities ceremony)

  3. Countless stumble students curriculum and distribute copies of the names of the students of Girl Guides academies to diagnose the causes of tripping the school with the students and provide educational and psychological care premium for them so that will enable them to overcome the problems that led to the stumbling onto through a social worker and academic guiding through contract guidance sessions individually (confidential) to detect reasons for tripping the school, whether social, psychological or related to the same rule or other therapeutic and prepare a plan for each individual case depending on the reasons for tripping and strengthen the organization to raise the level of student groups that called it so

  4. Individual counseling program is carried through the academic guiding and organizing individual counseling sessions to resolve some of the problems that may be experienced by the students and resolve various academic problems faced by students during the period of study and guide the student in the registration of courses or deletion, addition or postponement or apologize and follow up the results of the students in the quarterly Business tests and discuss female students with low levels and communicate with the absent student and discuss the reasons for absences in order to avoid reaching the student to the warning and deprivation in Article absence where student and infinite health, psychological and social situations and refer them alone guidance

  5. Field communication or desktop with students to strengthen the good relationship between the guide and between the students and note some behavioral phenomena unwanted and held individual sessions and answer questions Talebatt.oakd collective meeting the students after the announcement of the date and place of the meeting for the student to raise awareness of female role academic guiding the direction and guidance in the development of consciousness students with materials and success rates and conversion to various colleges and the distribution of leaflets include a list of discipline, rules and regulations of the Executive acceptance, registration and distribution of special dates modifying tables and delay and apologize and work to bring about positive change in the behavior of the students and to highlight the importance of belonging to the homeland academic calendar.

  6. Communicate with faculty and Guides academies through regular meetings to identify the most important problems and psychological phenomena and absenteeism and low student level in the quarterly within the classroom by his teacher scheduled and inform the academic guiding tests and urged the members to improve and develop the functioning of the educational process in the classroom using the methods and strategies of teaching Miscellaneous