Vision,Mission,Goals of The College

To create an outstanding educational environment for skillful cognitive research with the use of advanced technologies within a broad futuristic vision.

To prepare outstanding graduates scientifically in the field of science and arts, provide a creative environment for high quality education, contribute actively to the community services, and to encourage scientific research and technological development.

  • To promote the mission of kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the field of science and Arts with the development of constructive knowledge based on religious and national principles.
  • To rehabilitate the cadre with high efficiency and scientific capabilities to meet the needs of the community and raise the level of high quality domestic production on a continuous basis.

  • To equip the graduates with the examined and balanced educational skills to carry on ethical responsibilities in various professions.

  • To inculcate the concept of multiculturalism in students and provide them with the mechanisms to ensure to deal effectivelt with the increasingly complex and rapidly changing global society.​

  • To achieve comprehensive quality standards in the field of science and arts to obtain the program and institutional accreditation