The 87th National Day

Is the Eighty-Seventh Necklace in a Period of Security and Prosperity

If countries consider and measure their civilizational progress, urbanization, and what they have provided and achieved for their citizens, then the evidence and the figures attest that this country has shortened the time, reduced the distance, and was able in eighty-seven years to provide what many countries have not offered in a much longer time. No doubt, because the development plans in this blessed country have focused on bringing all the good things to mankind in its successive plans. It also works in accordance with the vision of the successive leaders of this country for these noble goals, especially after turning a scattered tribal society in the Arabian Peninsula to be one civil system. 

This historical turn was led by the courage and spirit of the late monarch King Abdul Aziz 'may God rest his soul in peace.' His courageous historical stand formed a palette of unity, love and civilizational establishment in a distinct civil system based on a well-known harmony between the preservation of the spiritual-religious principles. Before this act, people of the Arabian Peninsula had experienced years of misery and poverty where there were chaos, divisions, backwardness, and wars. 

Al Solamy: The Kingdom is clearly and courageously presenting the true message of Islam through its multiple positions and stances; not the corrupted, distorted image of gang-esque organizations that claim to belong to it.    

For that, the comparative vision of the way of life in Saudi Arabia will find evidence of this harmony clearly in the Saudi society. On the same token, our country has all the elements of modern civilization with all of its various aspects while maintaining its cultural heritage, and Islamic moralities that always support the needs and interests of the human. And this is considered by some to be a difficult and sometimes an impossibly unachievable equation, but the remarkable practical achievement of it was seen and accomplished by this great nation.   

The brief, meaningful words by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz when he was congratulating the citizens on the 86th national day has reminded me of many indications. His Royal Highness said on his Twitter page, "Every year, the homeland is safe and precious, and our journey of building and development continues to improve our country, its renaissance, and its stability. Every year, the people of this nation are loyal and proud of their homeland and their belongings."

The first thoughtful words of the tweet indicate the value and importance of safety in peoples' lives unambiguously. The absence of this value will stop the process of development. In the second indication, HRH -may God protect him- is making a clear declaration towards the continuation of the process of civilized development, which in his auspicious reign, are managed with awareness and control. This has resulted in making the Saudi citizens proud of their country and praying for it. 

In addition to this, the wise and courageous decisions taken by His Majesty have made a glorious and worthy impact in the blessed nation. A nation that extends the hand of peace to all those who wish for peace and development, and a firm hand to all those who seek to undermine the security and development of our precious country. Such policy came from a historical depth and a civilized understanding of the history of this country, which has embraced an Arabian Islamic civilization for one and a half millennia. The light of Islam started from the grounds of this country guiding humanity to the values of righteousness, morality, and peace. During that time, it has never allowed any external enemy nor internal enemy to ruin its security or achievements. In this regard, our precious country continues to offer a model example of Islamic centrism that shows the values of righteousness and goodness and tries to correct the distorted acts by the false claimers of this true religion.  

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is clearly and courageously presenting the true message of Islam through its multiple positions and stances; not the corrupted, distorted image of gang-esque organizations that claim to belong to it. These positions will be recorded in history with letters of light for this great nation. 

At the end, on my behalf and all the university's employees, I would like to present sincere congratulations to His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to HRH the Crown Prince, and to all Saudi people, asking God the Almighty to protect this country and to help the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in keeping the security and development of this great nation.    


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Under the patronage of the dean of the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Deanship of female Student Affairs, the closing ceremony of student activities for the academic year 1438-1439 AH was held at the theater of the Academic Complex in lasaan at 10:00 am . The ceremony was honored by the presence of the Vice Dean for female Students Affairs Dr. Kholoud Abu Malha , a number of deans from the colleges , the leaders of the clubs , the presidents of the clubs , media coordinators and guests of honor from the Department of Education. By the grace and blessings of Allah The college of Science and Arts in Khamees Mushayt has received the following prizes : م The prize The prize winner 1  Third position for crown clubs  On colleges level  2 3 Certificate of thanks to activate the campaign towards  (clean educational evironment) The college 3 Thank you (success partners) The college 4 Second place in the Cultural Olympiad 3 The college 5 Distinguished Translator from the Book Fair in Riyadh Ms / Asmaa Ahmed 6 Shield of the first position for the distinguished studen at the university level    Susan Al - Qahtani 7 Shield of the first position for the distinguished employee at the university level Aisha Al-Asmari 8 Second position (for the media club) Quot Alshahrani    
On Monday, July 23, 1439, the College of Science and Arts orgenized a community service program entitled: " The concept of quality of professional performance" The program was attended by 18 staff members and included the following topics: 1- The concept of quality of professional performance 2- Models for quality professional performance 3- Stages of improving professional performance 4- Advantages of quality Performance 5- Difficulties in improving performance The program was of a great benefit . as it ensured the existence of a new mechanism of work seeking development under quality Ensuring label . ​
The College of Science and Arts in Khamees mushayt has celebrated the twentieth graduation ceremony of the year 1438-1439 AH on the College’s Theater on Sunday, 29/7 / 1439H. The graduation ceremony was divided into two days , the first day ( Sunday , July 6 2018 ) for the students of the Department of Computer and the English Language department , and Monday, July 7, 1439 for the Arabic Language department and Islamic Studies department . The ceremony began with the National anthem and then the recitation of the Holy Quran . After that , A group of children from Sada schools welcomed the attendees with a joyful song in a joyful atmosphere. The result was announced then by the Dean of Admission and Registration, followed by a speech by the director of the University and the graduates’ speech. At the end of the ceremony, the distinguished students were honored.  
{يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الصِّيَامُ كَمَا كُتِبَ عَلَى الَّذِينَ مِنْ قَبْلِكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ (183) أَيَّامًا مَعْدُودَاتٍ فَمَنْ كَانَ مِنْكُمْ مَرِيضًا أَوْ عَلَى سَفَرٍ فَعِدَّةٌ مِنْ أَيَّامٍ أُخَرَ وَعَلَى الَّذِينَ يُطِيقُونَهُ فِدْيَةٌ طَعَامُ مِسْكِينٍ فَمَنْ تَطَوَّعَ خَيْرًا فَهُوَ خَيْرٌ لَهُ وَأَنْ تَصُومُوا خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ (184) شَهْرُ رَمَضَانَ الَّذِي أُنْزِلَ فِيهِ الْقُرْآنُ هُدًى لِلنَّاسِ وَبَيِّنَاتٍ مِنَ الْهُدَى وَالْفُرْقَانِ فَمَنْ شَهِدَ مِنْكُمُ الشَّهْرَ فَلْيَصُمْهُ وَمَنْ كَانَ مَرِيضًا أَوْ عَلَى سَفَرٍ فَعِدَّةٌ مِنْ أَيَّامٍ أُخَرَ يُرِيدُ اللَّهُ بِكُمُ الْيُسْرَ وَلَا يُرِيدُ بِكُمُ الْعُسْرَ وَلِتُكْمِلُوا الْعِدَّةَ وَلِتُكَبِّرُوا اللَّهَ عَلَى مَا هَدَاكُمْ وَلَعَلَّكُمْ تَشْكُرُونَ (185)} سورة البقرة On the blessed occasion of the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan,king Khalid University represented by the College of Science and Arts offers the highest and sincerest congratulations to HRH the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques , the Crown Prince, theentire Saudi nation and the entire Arab and Islamic nations, praying to God - the almighty - to perpetuate the blessings of security and safety, and to accept everyone's fasting and good deeds.
Season Tests There is a dream to be achieved With the beginning of the second semester final exams for the current academic year 1439-1440, we pray Allah to help our students in their exams which has started on Thursday, 18 / 1439H, amid intensive preparations from the senior management of the university and the concerned authorities. We are Stressing the keenness and sincere endeavors of the deanship , represented by Dr. Sara Abu Malha and the vice dean to pave the ways of success for the students and to overcome the difficulties to finish this season of the final exams with distinctive and impressive success.