The University Obtains Prestigious Global Accreditation From the Abet Organization For Six of Its Programs in the Engineering and Computer Science Colleges

The University Obtains Prestigious Global Accreditation From the Abet Organization For Six of Its Programs in the Engineering and Computer Science Colleges

King Khalid University continues to attain remarkable achievements in a number of fields. It has recently earned global accreditation from the ABET Organization for six of its programs which are as follows: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Network and Communications Engineering in the College of Computer Science in addition to Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering in the College of Engineering.

On this occasion, KKU President, Prof. Dr. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy thanked God and congratulated the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness, Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman for this achievement. He also thanked them for their support and guidance in improving higher education and their vision in enhancing the status of Saudi universities among their Arab and international counterparts.   

Al Solamy extended his gratitude and congratulations to His Royal Highness, Governor of the Asir Region, Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, and His Deputy, Prince Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, for their keen interest and support of the university research, scientific, research and social activities. At the same time, he also thanked the minister of education and his deputy for their support of the university programs and fields of advancement in it.

"This achievement demonstrates the keenness of the Computer Science College as well as Engineering College to provide high-quality education according to the global standards," he said. Adding, "This includes the quality of curriculum, faculty, scientific research and specialized laboratories and classrooms." He also expressed his pride and thanks to the members of deans, faculty, staff, and students, and urges them to continue in the pursuit of excellence.

ABETincorporated as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, is a non-profit scientific organization owned and operated by more than 25 scientific, computing and engineering societies in the United States of America, with more than 1,500 academic and industrial experts. For the past 75 years, the organization has been working towards its aim which is to set and develop high-quality standards for engineering education.

It is worth mentioning, in last few months, the University accomplished a number achievements. One of them is improving the university rank in QS World Rankings by 43 spots from 520th in 2016 to the 477th in 2017.  Another one is achieving 10th place at the level of Arab universities and narrowed national rankings by moving up one spot to the 4th among universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has also been granted the full academic institutional accreditation for seven years by the National Center for Assessment and Academic Accreditation in 2017.

copete for charity​ The College of Science and Literature in khamees mushayt represented by student’s activities unit has successfully attended a program entitled “ copete for charity “ on Monday, 3/6/1439. The program contained a presentation about the importance of volunteering and was followed by the launching of pivillians . The college participated in a form of painting done by one of the students. A workshop accompanying the program, entitled "Principles of Volunteering and the Rights and Duties of the Volunteer", was presented by the trainer, Lamia Al-Qadi, from Takatof Association. The trainer shed the light on the virtue of volunteering and charitable work , the difference between them , how to keep up with them and the great reward they bring.​
 Mercy among us   Student’s activity unit of the Department of Islamic Studies at the College of Science and Arts in Khamis has organized a campaign entitled " mercy among us” On Monday 26/5/3841 at the College of Science and Arts - Khamis Mushait from 10 am to 11 pm. Dr. Suad Nur al-Din started the program by talking about the definition of mercy , the meanings it carries as well as types of mercy . She then, talked about the verse from the Holy Quran (and We sent you as mercy for the world ) explaining the Prophet’s mercy for all creatures. At he end of the program questions were allowed and were answered by the presenter. The program was concluded by the recitation of verses from the Holy Qurran and prayers for the Ummah and for the attendees.  
Apprenticeship Program The Department of Computer Science at King Khalid University represented by the College of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushayt has launched The apprenticeship program for talent development and support on 1 February 2018. The program is characterized by the direct communication between the teacher and the student to increase students’ knowledge and develop their skills in one or several areas to deepen their skills and improve their talents. Students who registered in the apprenticeship programs were distinguished in their academic achievements, their high motivation and their personal, social, intellectual and creative aspects, which necessitates the implementation of such a program to meet their needs and serve the community.
International Civil Defense Day​ In cooperation with the Public Relations Unit , The World Civil Defense Exhibition was activated by the Security and Safety Unit at the college of Science and Arts in Khamis Mushait on Thursday, 27-6-1439 at 10 am. The exhibition began by a program that includes the recitation of the holy Quran, then a speech was delivered by Ms.Alanoud Alshehri about types of fire extinguishers , categories of fire , manner of implementing evacuation plans and how to keep the University safe . After that , a speech was delivered by Ms.Wala Alqahtani in which she explained the first aid and rescuing methods . The program broachers were distributed amongst guests and a short awareness video was presented. The program was attended by the supervisor of the Student Center in Mahalla Dr. Sahar Al-Mousa , Dr. Sultanah Al-Shahrani the Vice Dean , the Coordinator of Public Administration for Peace and the University Security incharge Ms. Sherifah Al Shahrani and a number o Faculty staff members , employees and students . In conclusion, all thanks and appreciation were expressed .    ​International_Civil_Defense_Day​
we elevate with reading​ With the presence of the Vice Dean of the College, the Head of the Arabic language department and a large number of the faculty members and students , the Department of Arabic Language has organized a program entitled  (we elevate with reading) On Tuesday, 10/3/1439 AH . The program included different cultural segments that were about the importance of reading in our lives, the importance of books , and the problems of reading and it’s modern techniques. The department's students participated in poetry and expressing literary thoughts they produced . The head of the department presented a collection of books as gifts for students. The coordinator of the activity participated by introducing The Reading Challenge, in which a group of books were distributed to students to read and summarize them. There was also an exhibition accompanying the program, which contained a number of good books in different cultural fields. The program was concluded by the head of the department’s speech in which she thanked the Deanship of Student Affairs for sponsoring such activities.